Managing Your Real Estate Business While Omicron Surges

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Since the beginning of the pandemic two years ago, we continue to adapt how we move about in the world. The recent surge of Covid cases from the Omicron variant is pushing schools back to online learning, companies to postpone their return-to-office plans again, airlines to cancel flights, and restaurants to temporarily close.

Given how contagious this new variant is, it’s understandable that sellers are hesitant about allowing other agents, prospective buyers, home inspectors, and appraisers into their homes at the moment.

The time to communicate with your current and prospective clients the options and resources you’re offering to help them safely move forward with their real estate goals.

Here are easy and affordable ways to keep your business running smoothly:

Virtual Tours for Listings

Consider offering virtual tours as part of your service to sellers to limit foot traffic.

A virtual tour allows potential buyers to get a better view of the property and feel for the layout to determine if it aligns with their list of must-have features before deciding if an in-person tour is needed. 

Virtual Client Meetings & Home Showings

The vast majority of people are familiar with virtual meeting apps now. Consider using FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet to meet with clients who are hesitant to meet in person right now.

If you’ll be visiting properties on behalf of a buyer, add your virtual meeting app to your smartphone and allow your client to join you for the walk-through.

Home Showing Safety Procedures

Some sellers will allow qualified buyers to tour their properties if specific safety measures are followed. Use this opportunity to exceed your clients’ expectations by creating Home Showing Safety Kits.

Home Showing Safety Kit Supplies:

  • PPE (personal protective equipment) – face masks, gloves, and shoe booties will ensure visitors have supplies to safely tour the property.
  • Hand sanitizer – a bottle can be placed at the entrance to ensure visitors sanitize their hands before touring the property.
  • Small, hands-free waste bin and liners – set out near the main entrance to allow visitors to discard used PPE when leaving.
  • A guide outlining steps the seller can take before and after a showing to maintain a safe and healthy home.*
  • A flyer the seller can post at the main entrance outlining visitor safety guidelines and expectations.*
  • An open basket or container – PPE, hand sanitizer, and other supplies can be set out at the main entrance of the property.

Before meeting with buyers to show a property, let them know if PPE is required to tour the property and encourage them to bring their own. Keep a stash of masks, gloves, and sanitizer with you in case someone forgets and supplies are not provided at the property.

When you show a vacant property or the owner did not turn on lights or open doors before your arrival, report back to the listing agent which surfaces you or buyers touched so the seller can sanitize when they return.

Encourage E-Signatures

While some clients may still prefer to review a hard copy of a contract and sign with a pen, explain the benefits – both convenience and health – of using an electronic signature (when permitted and available).

If you’re working with a client who isn’t tech-savvy, invite them to a virtual meeting to share screens and guide them through the signing process.

* Don’t have time to create a guide and flyer? No problem! Download ours now. Use them as-is or modify them using Canva to match your branding.

If you’re canceling plans and find yourself with more free time than usual (like a lot of us), find out what other agents are doing while working from home.