• The system includes nearly 200 emails, which are ready to send to the right people, at the right times (because who has time to write that many emails?).
  • Our team continues to update the content to ensure messages align with current market trends.
  • sGrow CRM really shines when it comes to creating an outstanding client experience, which helps our users increase their repeat and referral business!

Most users tell us they comfortable navigating the system in under 20 minutes without any training.

Of course there’s still training available – we offer a short on-demand video introduction series that takes less than 10 minutes to complete and host live New User Training Webinars.

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sGrow CRM is a month-to-month service because we know we don’t need to lock you into a long-term contract to keep your business. When Real Estate Agents put our system to work, they see results!

sGrow CRM’s automated communications are built on proven sales and marketing strategies, and you can begin using the system as soon as our team sets up your account for you.

If you are a marketing automation expert and professional copywriter with the technical ability to build your own system, sGrow is not for you. The other 99% of agents will quickly recognize the value in paying a little more for a system that delivers results.

Nearly every CRM platform requires the owner (you) to spend time completing an account set up. Some systems are completely empty and it’s entirely up to you to build it out (or hire someone to do this for you, typically for $150 – $200 per hour!). There are a few systems for Real Estate Agents that include email templates, but still require you to set up when the messages will send. Either way, these systems require you to make a substantial investment (your time, money or BOTH!) on top of the standard service fee to get any value out of it.

Our team will configure your account for you, meaning as soon as you get access to the system, you can begin to use it.


Our platform includes nearly 200 emails to educate and convert leads, boost client confidence through each step of the transaction process, and maintain long-term relationships with past clients, vendor partners and sphere of influence contacts. Our copy is written in a friendly, professional tone and we ensure our messages have low SPAM scores according to SPAMAssassin to ensure high deliverability rates.

Of course, the system also offers standard email functionality – both one to one messaging and list messaging- allowing you to develop and send your own content.


We offer a la carte services that allow you to modify existing email messages or have custom automated email funnels built to match your unique business needs. 

Connect with a member of our team to learn more about our a la carte services.


In fact, our team will import your lists into your new sGrow CRM account to make sure each person is added to the correct email follow up series. We’ll provide you with guidance on how to prepare your data to be imported into your sGrow CRM account.

sGrow CRM is not a lead generation company. We offer a “done for you” solution that allows you to nurture and educate the leads you generate through your lead generation sites, ads, partnerships, relationships and networking opportunities.

We offer our users with complementary ongoing education to learn the best practices for lead generation, list building and lead conversion.