A Real Estate CRM Like No Other


With sGrow, you can spend your time earning a living, not learning a complex system.





Streamline Systems

Integrate your lead generation services in one place, simplifying and increasing follow-up

Track Future Opportunities

Keep track of qualified leads who aren’t ready to move now, and stay connected to win their future business

Build Trust With Your Database

Automated funnels consistently send meaningful communications, demonstrating your knowledge and expertise

Maintain Valuable Relationships

Consistent and meaningful follow-up creates repeat and referral business opportunities

Convert More Leads

Identify engaged leads for timely follow-up to earn their business

Reduce Expenses

Eliminate redundant services, and use built-in data to identify Lead Source ROI


I have recommended sGrow to all of the agents in the office and they are running with it. I have had so much positive feedback from past clients and even some friends I haven't stayed in touch with as well as I would like. It really is a great system to maintain relationships and ask for referrals (without having to actually do it!). I enjoy responding to the emails that people think I sent just to them and I am continually impressed by the content provided that doesn't feel "canned." It is an incredible tool to use with mass leads as well to passively nurture to sales opportunities without having to hassle people by phone.
Leah C
Designated Broker
"CRMs have always been at the heart of my real estate business. However, I've never come across a system that has pre-written emails AND automation. Until sGrow!"
Mike G
"I absolutely LOVE sGrow. I made the mistake of not having a CRM when I started my business. I cannot believe what a game-changer sGrow is. I immediately had past clients reaching out to me. Sadly, I learned I lost some deals because I didn't stay in touch with my network. sGrow is so easy to use, has every function you can think of, and then some! I am so excited to see what happens with my business moving forward and cannot recommend sGrow enough!"
Lainey N