sGrow offers you the ability to streamline your record management, communicate more effectively with your leads, clients and key network contacts, and gain valuable insight into your business.

Features to start, sell & grow

Organize, maintain & grow your database of leads, clients, referral partners & sphere of influence

No pricing tiers for database size, so your price won’t increase as your business grows

Connect your IDX and online lead generation tools to sGrow for seamless organization and follow up

Automated list organization ensures the right messages send to the right people at the right times

Identify and prioritize critical follow-up to close holes in your sales funnel

Built-in reports display key performance metrics, simplifying business analysis

Track each lead’s status, add notes, and update records based on engagement

Emails educate leads, build trust, and create name recognition to increase conversion rates

Receive alerts when a lead engages with automated content for timely follow-up

Gain visibility into each stage of the sales funnel and upcoming contract deadlines

Stay ahead of client questions with messages that explain each next step of the sales process

Unlimited number of files, up to 2GB per file

Quickly and easily share real-time updates with a segment of your database 

No pricing tiers for email sends, so your price won’t increase because your business is growing

Stay connected after a transaction is complete to maintain long-term relationships, increasing repeat and referral business opportunities

Remain top of mind at times when past clients are likely to spend time with family and friends, increasing referral opportunities

Send birthday wishes to every past client without a second thought

Stay connected and remain top of mind with messages that align with your relationship

Avoid the hardest part of starting with a new system – our team handles data imports for you

Incorporate texting into your communication strategies – send text messages from a unique, local 10-digit number 

**Included in Business Builder + service. Add to your account for $30/month

Add a 10 digit texting number to manage direct communication with leads and clients**


** Upgrade your account to include a unique, local ten digit number and 2,000 texts for $30/month

* This feature is not included in the sGrow Starter Service subscription