How Technology Is Changing Real Estate Client Expectations

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The Technology Revolution we’re currently experiencing has changed consumer expectations across all industries- including real estate. Regardless of what we’re buying (or selling) – we not only want but expect an easy, personalized, and seamless experience.

It sounds like we’re demanding a lot from every company we interact with, doesn’t it?

Consumers have extremely high expectations, and because so many companies are meeting or exceeding expectations, there is less forgiveness for those that fall short. At best, these businesses are viewed as slow, but more often consumers believe they are not important to these companies.


Creating A Personalized & Seamless Real Estate Experience for Every Client

If you haven’t been intentional about providing personalized and seamless service to each one of your real estate clients, you probably feel like this is an impossible feat.

The truth is, the businesses offering highly personalized and memorable experiences aren’t doing so by magically creating more hours in the day or hiring more people. They employ systems to automate repetitive processes and communication. 

The biggest obstacles real estate professionals face once they decide to embrace such technology in their businesses are:

  • Not understanding what to look for when choosing a system
  • Not knowing the right questions to ask before committing to a service
  • Limited time available to dedicate to learning a new platform
  • Inexperience in designing effective and scalable automated workflows
  • Lack of confidence in copy-writing skills to create an email drip series
  • Lack of confidence in copy-writing skills to create an email drip series

Good news! There are many affordable tools available to reduce the skill and knowledge gaps preventing you from incorporating a system to assist with day-to-day operations.

Here are three essential tools to implement into your business to create a scalable, personalized and seamless experience for every client:

Customer Relationship Manager

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) allows you to maintain all lead and contact records in one place.

Notes increase your recollection of past interactions with an individual, and capture rapport-building details, like names of family members and pets.

Tasks prevent you from forgetting important follow-ups.

Automate Repetitive Emails

Personalized communication is key in creating and maintaining relationships. Unfortunately, sending relevant messages to each person on your list requires a lot of time – time you likely use to help clients actively sell or buy a home. Adding your email templates to a drip system will help you to stay connected with each person in your database without spending hours each week re-creating email messages.

Building out automated messages takes time. Here’s a guide to help you identify which communications you should automate now for the biggest impact within your business.

Real-Time Reporting

The easiest way to always have access to up-to-date data is to manage your business records in a database. Tracking data will help you understand your business production, provide insights for forecasting, and can increase lead conversion.


If you need to create a more personalized and seamless experience for your clients but aren’t sure how, sGrow can help. See how quickly you can transform your clients’ experience.