Create A Newsletter That People Want To Read

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If you’re looking for a way to stay more connected with your network, it’s time to look beyond social media. Sure, social channels feel easy because they are relevant, but engagement is very low for most of us who aren’t Dwayne The Rock Johnson or Ariana Grande.

Despite the rumor circulating for years that email is dying, it remains a popular and successful marketing tool. More than 333 billion emails are sent every day, and email marketing generates more than $40 in return for every $1 spent. (Social media averages just $28 in return for every $1 spent.)

If your marketing strategy isn’t delivering value directly to your growing list, an email newsletter is an affordable and powerful solution. When created correctly, your newsletter can establish relationships with leads and bolster connections with your past clients and professional network.

Consider using your newsletter to share information strictly with members of your mailing list. Exclusivity makes people feel important – exactly how you want your clients to feel when working with you! On top of that, your newsletter lets you humbly show off your expertise by sharing local market updates, valuable homeownership tips, and client success stories. You can even strengthen partnerships with your professional network by promoting their services.

Most importantly, an email newsletter reminds your network that you are 

  • (hi!) still around.
  • (hello!) still in the business.
  • (yes, of course!) available to work with them!

Expert Marketing Tip
Use your newsletter to incentivize your social media followers to join your email list! Create a post on social media each time you’re about to publish your latest edition and encourage followers to sign up before they miss the chance to get exclusive information delivered directly to their inboxes.

As a communication channel, emails are received 85% of the time. Whether an email is opened depends on the sender and the subject line. The best way to ensure your email newsletters are opened by your list is to make sure each mailing provides information your audience wants to receive.

If you’re looking for a new way to provide value to your database, a newsletter is a great option. Download our free guide filled with ideas and tips to get started.