Team Introduction

Technology continues to rapidly enhance most aspects of our daily lives, but it’s no secret that real estate agents are generally slower to adopt new ways to manage sales and operational functions.

At S Grow, we’ve found that most real estate professionals shy away from tools, like a CRM, to help more effectively manage key activities for various reasons. 

Real estate business owners typically do not have the budget to employ full time team members or expensive consultants to build and maintain customized software, especially without knowing if their employees will even use the costly system. Additionally, current business demands can easily pull an owner’s attention away from investing in longer term strategies.

Sales agents on a real estate team have their own reasons for not being quick to embrace software and systems. Some simply lack the confidence to learn something new, while others fear micromanagement. And, according to the NAR, the median age for a real estate agent is 55 years old so it makes sense that the average agent isn’t actively seeking out software to enhance their business.

S Grow’s team platform has been designed with these challenges in mind.

Since you’re here to access resources for the introduction and adoption of S Grow, you’re probably already aware that embracing our CRM can bring numerous positive changes within your team – easily and affordably. In fact, NAR research found that agents earning $100,000 or more in annual gross commission income are twice as likely to use a CRM as agents earning less

Your Partner for Success

We’ve created assets to help bridge the gap between your experience as a leader in the real estate industry and the required tools and resources to drive the successful adoption of S Grow within your team:

Lead Your Team To A Great Start

Our guide simplifies the change management process into three phases and guides you through the planning, introduction and adoption to ensure each team member is equipped to successfully use S Grow in a short period of time.

New User On-Boarding Checklist

The New User On-Boarding Checklist allows an agent to visually track deadlines and milestone progress during the adoption phase. Print a copy for each team member and distribute during your introduction meeting to reinforce expectations.

We know you’re a business owner and likely don’t have the time to create a slideshow to go along with your introduction of S Grow, so we made one for you.

Download your preferred slide presentation option – Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Then, follow the simple instructions to create a customized experience to enhance the introduction and highlight key points.

Surprising Fact: According to various recent studies, one in five real estate agents still do not know what a CRM is. If S Grow is the first CRM you’ve introduced to your team, you may have agents who need a brief explanation and we’ve got you covered. Download our What is a CRM presentation deck to incorporate in your introduction meeting.