An Opportunity To Lead With Value

We know that you provide a multitude of services and support to your REALTOR® partners that extend far beyond rate sheets and lunch deliveries. You are an experienced professional committed to helping agents achieve their business goals, but the way in which you’ve historically done this has been drastically altered. 

So, how are you maintaining those relationships without person-to-person interaction?

By providing value. sGrow CRM is a tool that does just that.

While sGrow is a CRM and marketing automation system designed specifically for residential real estate agents, it can also be a relationship development tool for YOUR business:

  • Continue to bring value to relationships with agents by sharing an affordable tool with meaningful business impact
  • Demonstrate your commitment to an agent’s individual success
  • Reinforce your position as a local industry resource
  • Reach out to agents you haven’t talked to in awhile and keep your name top of mind
  • Develop opportunities to work closely with new agents to develop long-term relationships
  • Host a class showcasing a fresh topic
Reasons Agents Love sGrow
  • Intuitive platform design
  • System doesn’t require extensive training or difficult set up
  • Lead funnels include content designed to increase engagement and conversion
  • Built-in automated messaging reduces time spent sending repetitive but necessary communication to leads and clients throughout the sales process
  • Remain top of mind with past clients increases repeat and referral business
  • Dashboards provide valuable insight into key business metrics
  • Creates time for the agent to help more clients
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